Vocal Dub, Idols

Content Unit Price(JPY)
Singing Fee, Idol JPY500,000
Recording Studio Half Day JPY100,000
Recording Engineer Half Day JPY32,000
Translator at sessions Half Day JPY25,000
Coordinate Contract, Idol JPY75,000
Coordinate Fee 15% JPY109,800
Total   JPY841,800


Arranger based in Tokyo, arrange and overdub strings on basic truck

Content Unit Price(JPY)
Arrange Fee JPY300,000
Strings Musicians 24 2 hrs. JPY720,000
Recording Studio 4 hrs. JPY200,000
Recording Engineer 4hrs. JPY32,000
Translator at session Half Day JPY25,000
Coordinate Fee 15% JPY191,550
Total   JPY1,468,550


Arrange on your own, dub guitar in Tokyo

Content Unit Price(JPY)
Top Guitarist 2hours JPY120,000
Recording Studio 3hours JPY135,000
Recording Engineer 3hours JPY24,000
Translator at session Half day JPY25,000
Coordinate Fee 15% JPY45,600
Total   JPY349,600


We submit the quotation at your request, in vary recording direction.


*Advance payment required, after wrap-up, balance your accounts.


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